F.A.Q | Frequently Asked Questions

How big are the pans?
They vary in size from 700 to 900ml in diameter.
When do you arrive?
We arrive 1.15 hours prior to your service time.
Do you provide cutlery, bowls and napkins?

We do provide sugarcane bowls, wooden forks and napkins.

How long do you serve for?
We usually serve for around half an hour until everyone has their meals.
What time should we serve the paella?

I would recommend serving the paella 1.5 hours after your guests arrive as they should all be there by then.

Is the Paella Gluten Free?


Is the Paella Nut free?


Is the Paella Dairy Free?


Is the Vegetarian Paella Vegan?


Can you do a Fructose Free Paella?

We would prefer not to as the flavor really suffers

Do you have a Marquee?

Only for large scale corporate events.

Can you cook inside?


Do you charge for travel?


Can you take credit card payment?

We can however it will incur a 3% surcharge

Do you take cheque?


How many pieces of tapas per person:

If you get the 4 pieces of tapas deal each guest will get one of each styles of tapas

How are guests served?

Guests are usually served directly from the pans so that they can select which paella they want.

What is the portion size?

The bowls are 480 ml

Can I provide my own plates?

Preferably not as the paella is best served in a bowl and we portion control using our 480ml bowls or if you are having salads and breads we can serve on bamboo plates.

How many serves of Sangria does each person get?

It works out to around 2 glasses per guest.

Can we get two styles of salad for $4.50?